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From Hire to Retire…Corporate Relocation International (CRI) Launches Comprehensive Service Programs

Despite CRI’s initial presence as a relocation company, we have discovered that our services often extend beyond the conventional relocation scenario. In fact, contrary to the misconception that Relocation Management Companies solely..

How Home Inspections Impact Relocations

When it comes to purchasing a home, one aspect that holds immense significance is the home inspection. As an essential part of any real estate transaction, a home inspection can be an anxiety-inducing experience, especially when problems..

The Great Succession

As companies look ahead to the remainder of the decade, the phenomenon of Peak 65 looms on the horizon. This term highlights the point in history (the year 2024) when there will be the largest number of the world’s population turning 65..

The Importance of International Communication Strategies

Companies with an international presence recognize the importance of cultural training for their employees and measure their success abroad by the level of “cultural ease” their workforce demonstrates. But with the needs of modern..

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